" You can trace every sickness, every disease and every alignment to a mineral deficiency, Dr Linus Pauling."

What are tissue salts?

Tissue salts are homeopathically prepared minerals which support healing processes in the body by regulating mineral levels in the cells.  They were developed, promoted and successfully put into practice as the therapeutic system by Dr Willhelm Heinrich Schuessler at the end of the 19th Century.

When can they be of help?

Remedies for literally everything, some of the concerns I've successfully used them to help clients include

  • Gut health
  • Bloating
  • Acidity
  • Skin, i.e. dull,  premature wrinkles, puffy, pigmentation
  • Low energy 
  • Period Cramps
  • Anxiety

“The body is a self-curing mechanism, and it will maintain its efficiency provided it has a normal supply of all those elements particular to its substance.”

What are tissue salts made from?  How do they work?

Tissues salts consist of the same minerals that are found in rocks and the soil.  Interestingly, these essential minerals are what our bodily tissues are also made from.  When the necessary minerals (tissue salts) are replenished the body heals itself. 

Why do they work so well and fast?

The tissue salts are absorbed via the mucous membrane into the bloodstream and directly into the cells. They don’t require the digestion to break them down. 

What is the cause of mineral deficiencies?

A lack of minerals arises from poor nutrition, high-stress levels, post-natal, soil depletion,  radiation and pollution.


The Consultation

Facial diagnosis is one of the first things I do as the face is one of the best indicators of mineral deficiencies and is vital for an accurate biochemic mineral therapy assessment. A disruption or deficiency of minerals causes specific changes on the face - skin tags.

  • Colour (pigmentation, ashy-grey colour, discolouration on eyelids, dark-circles)
  • Form (wrinkles, open pores, puffy skin, eye bags) 
  • Brightness (dull skin, pale complexion)

The most complimentary and intriguing aspect of Biochemic Mineral Therapy is that once the body heals with the supporting minerals (tissue salts), skin tags reduce or can even disappear.

During the second part of the consultation, we will discuss your concerns, goals, dietary habits, lifestyle and emotional wellbeing. Biochemic Mineral Therapy is 'holistic' (mind and body) and tailored, so its essential for me to understand your body as a 'whole' for optimum results. After this in-depth assessment, I suggest specific biochemic tissue salts.

How do I schedule a Consultation?

You can have the consultation via Skypephone or in-person. 

Step 1:

Click here, and provide me with the information below. I will send you a form to fill out via email. 

  • Email address
  • A brief description of your complaint,
  • Your country and nearest city and time-zone,
  • General available days and hours in your local time-zone,
  • Your preferred connection method.

You will be contacted as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

Step 2:

email your form along with a high-quality portrait picture of yourself (without any makeup) to at least 48 hours before your consultation. 

 Step 3:

After the consultation, you will receive a descriptive analysis as well as a treatment plan with tissue salt recommendations. You will also receive a one-month supply of minerals (valued at $850)

Step 4:

I will send you a link to make an online payment via Paypal/credit card. 

Initial session- $2500

Follow-up - $700 

Do you have questions?

You can send your queries here



 "My skin has improved with the biochemic mineral therapy, it looks much fresher, and my pigmentation is significantly less.    Also, during a recent trip to the Maldives, I noticed that my complexion has become more resilient to the sun.  I tanned but didn't burn.  My energy levels too have increased and my cramps during my period are much less.  I would recommend Nomita to anyone willing to give alternative healing a shot!"